About Us


1950 Ping Chuang begins selling handmade fish balls in Sanshui St. market in Taipei’s Wanhua District.

1976 Chen Wen-Chuan establishes business selling cuttlefish balls in Wanhua Central Market, having researched and developed unique production techniques.

1989 Production is streamlined and relocated to Ruifang, with the cutting edge IQF rapid freezing technology and imported automated food processing equipment.

2008 Chen Wei-Chih takes on the family business and explores ways to build upon the company’s success, deciding to introduce incremental improvements to well-established techniques to enhance the quality of the product.

Company Concepts


It is not difficult to make good cuttlefish balls if you put your mind to it. The secret to making the finest cuttlefish balls, however, lies in finding the right balance between people, product and environment, and in constant refinements and improvements to the process.


The unique texture of Ping Chuang cuttlefish balls comes from maintaining the traditional pounding technique, ensuring the structure of the ingredients remains perfectly intact, coupled with simple seasoning.


We have introduced automated vacuum filling, shaping, cooking, cooling, rapid freezing and packing processes, and employ cutting edge, precision equipment to ensure the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.